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 Monday, February 14

I'm back on the inter-nets, we got some real progress made on the kitchen today, I baked up a coconutty chocolate storm, and life is good. It's back to the grind tomorrow just like a regular breadhead, but it's one of the jobs that actually pays me money once in a while so it's all good. I still have to decide whether I want to sell my time and my soul on Wednesday to help a friend. I'm really torn about it; it's doing loathsome work for a loathsome company, but on the other hand she needs my help and it does pay money which I do need. But not that much. I'm hoping somehow I can do something different and the icky job can get done without me having to do it.

The kitchen is going to be so custom and so money, for no money. We came up with a couple of things today that I'm really excited about. The best part is that while the destruction and construction is going on in one half of the room, behind the plastic curtain the working half of the kitchen continues unhindered. B was brainstorming a shelf idea and I was making a big pile of sugarfree chocolates, together in perfect harmony. The balance of form and function in there is going to be dynamite.

After a double class at the dojo, we went and saw a nifty show yesterday, which I liked a lot, and then went up to Central Park to immerse ourselves in the Urt, which I didn't, and then we went home and I made a batch of lemony macaroons to bring when we went to G&C's house for raclette. An action-and excitement-packed day of culcha and cuisine!

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