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 Sunday, January 23

This will be my last post for tonight, I promise. Just a short turkey update. I finally got the stupid neck to loosen its icy grip on the body cavity and got the damn thing out of there. Why do they DO that, anyway? Isn't that a mob thing that they do to squealers? It's just... ick. And I got the stupid plastic bondage thingy out from where it was wedged. Again, why? So the turkey is finally hollow and is continuing to brine happily away in the fridge, where it will sit until I cook it in the morning. They say you can brine for 24 hours, and I'm hoping they are right about that. I may just be making turkey jerky here.

I sort of watched the Patriots game, and was less than pleased to see them win, because I don't know any Pittsburgh fans but I do know some Pats fans and it's going to be sad for them when they lose to the Eagles.

I should intend to take the whole day off more often; I got a ton of stuff done around here. Gridball really lends itself to small tasks, because of all the commercials. You watch ten seconds of action, then they go to commercial and you throw in laundry, fold something, put something away, straighten something up, stir something, flip something...really, once you remove the beer and carby snacks from the equation it can be a very active and productive way to spend a day.

I think I was the only active one today, though. The "blizzard" really gave a lot of people license to take the day off in a deeper way than the usual biblically-mandated day of rest. It was kind of nice to feel the whole region relax a little and remember a little bit of that happy snow day feeling.

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