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 Monday, January 10

Fedex are 0 for 2 this week. We're in the process of tracking one package that they lost, which shows up as having been delivered to F. Rontdoor. Today another one was supposed to come in from California. It was in Woodbridge, NJ on Friday the 7th, and now it's in Boston. Bloody hell. UPS never fucks up like this. I just wish I'd checked on this before I ran and put a package in the corner mailbox; if I'd known I didn't have to rush back I could have walked it over to the post office and started it on its journey a little bit earlier. I trust the USPS will get it across the country in due haste anyway, because they don't SUCK like Fedex.

You may ask yourself why there are no progress pictures. This is because there is no progress. The electrician is such an unbelievable baby that they've arranged to only have him come back when all four units on this building are ready for his services, because he doesn't like going up all those stairs. Fucking tosser. He's apparently enough of a cranky dick once he climbs ALL THOSE STAIRS that the guys decided it was worth it to inconvenience us and the DBs for another week or two just to avoid dealing with this guy. There is no wall between our units right now, and every conversation floats right through. I'm sure you see how dangerous this is. Not to mention our poor dying plants. I'm going to kick that guy's ass when he's done with our place.

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