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 Monday, January 24

...aaand now I understand why turkey is a traditional dish. It's a traditional dish because a traditional dish is something you only make once a year. The turkey is done, dismembered, carcass boiling, edible parts in the fridge passing through the danger zone, rapidly, I hope, kitchen back to its usual twinkling self. I've got a bellyful of protein which will power me through three classes tonight, and no plans to roast another turkey any time soon. I am glad to have gotten the "first turkey" thing over with, and have noted my mistakes to avoid them in the future. But really, what a pain in the ass for a couple pounds of (admittedly tasty and moist) meat.

What I really don't understand is how every source on the internet, to a one, was so completely not-even-close wrong about now long everything takes to thaw and cook. I had estimates of 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours for this turkey, and was told again and again that since it was brined it would cut half an hour off the overall time. So why was there still pink in it after six hours? I think my oven is accurate, I dunno, maybe my oven thermometer isn't. Annoying!

Also annoying is that the fucking building inspector never showed so now they're scheduling him for Wednesday when I can be here to wait for him again. Weeks and weeks are slipping by because of this clown. I want to hit him with a dead plant. I'm so sick of this construction, man, I just want my house back.

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