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 Friday, December 10

Stayed up late last night for a marathon baking session, but I still dragged my ass into the dojo today and I'm glad I did. Joshu taught this class, the same person who gave me my private lesson the other day. I think now when I get to a regular class with one of the senseis they will notice the improvement in my technique. It was good to have a reminder class after the private lesson; I feel like I'm hitting a lot better already.

I cut up all the baked goods—the ones I'm bringing, anyway—and got them ready to travel. There are two other things I made for home use: a delicious baked pumpkin thingy and a batch of flax muffins. I also prepped one more dish (hint: if you look up treyf in the dictionary, there's a picture of it) so I will certainly not go hungry tonight. The only question is whether I'll behave enough tonight to make it to a 10AM class tomorrow. Hope so.

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