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 Saturday, December 4

So there I was, shopping, and I had a choice between two bags of pecans. Same price, same quantity, the only difference was that one was from Arizona and one was from Massachusetts. I picked the Massachusetts one, and now the folks at and have created sites to help with making similar choices in everyday life. (Thanks to L for the first link.) I love the idea. We've got our hifalootin' blue-state money, I think spending it in the Urban Archipelago is a fine idea. Dumbass rednecks can fend for themselves. And by "fend for" I mean "fuck."

Today would have been the competition, but for me it's just a seminar and rooting for my friends. I thnk the dominant feeling today is more relief than disappointment. I'd be a nervous wreck if I were competing today.

10:01 AM

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