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 Thursday, December 30

Quite a storm today. Not outside, where it's sunny, mild, and calm and I hope very conducive to a good old-fashioned solarium raising. The storm I'm talking about is the one I'm cooking up downstairs. The refrigerator is packed to the point of darkness, with not an inch wasted. If there were any continuity at all in life, whole shelves of food would blink and vanish. (If you're not hearing a tinky version of the Volga Boatmen right now, we are Not on the Same Page.)

The guys on the roof seem to be in good spirits this afternoon. I'm told the major supports are up, so as far as I'm concerned they should be able to pop the glass panels in and finish the thing today if they really apply themselves...we shall see. I smell my Heroin Wings and the buzzer should be going any minute, so I'm off. I'll try to get up on the roof and take some progress photos in a couple of hours.

1:16 PM

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