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 Thursday, December 23

My kickboxing gear came in today. There goes one more excuse for not doing it! I thought the headgear was too small and was going to send it back, but Joshu fixed it for me so it's fine. I got the boob guard, which seems like it will be very useful for increasing the amount of sweat on my chest, and some seriously badass boxing gloves. If you're playing along at home, that's three (3) pairs of gloves I've bought so far, not counting the hand wraps. I do hope these will be the last ones I have to buy. It's okay if I wear them out and need to replace them, but if they tell us we need yet another type of glove for some focacta reason, I must protest.

Feeling yesterday's workout, in a big way. I'm going to eat a steak now and go to the last class before the break tonight. It would be much better for my muskles if I took tonight off, but since there's not another class until Monday I've got to go tonight. I should do some kind of exercise at home over the break, too, but we'll just see how that goes.

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