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 Monday, December 6

B's in the city for a remix session, and I've taken this opportunity to stink up the house by heating dead barnyard animals to several hundred degrees Fahrenheit. I've got a pound of bacon a-bakin' in the oven and a nice corned beef brisket simmering away on top of the stove. It's meatylicious in here! Just the thing for a shitty gray day of freezing rain and wintry mix. And did the workers rip the solarium down on my neighbors' house yesterday when it was in the 50s and sunny? No, of course, because of Jesus. They're doing it today. The infant twins and their parents are going to have a lovely next few days; the weather forecast is more of the same guur. Ah, the perfect time to tear the roof off the sucker. My dread builds.
11:54 AM

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