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 Sunday, November 28

What a day, already. When the doorbell rang at 7 this morning, we knew it could be only one thing. Our friends/neighbors have a great big blue tarp over their house where the solarium used to be. This morning a large rainy windy storm came through; all the mayhem you can imagine ensued. The workers just kind of left panes of glass everywhere and it was pretty hairy out there as the guys tried to wrangle the billowing tarp back over the house, and the women made phone calls and coffee cake. I think the storm is gone now, but we're having them over for comfort food tonight. There may even be drinking.

B²'s coming over too, so I'm trying to figure out how to make a meal that's low-carb, pescatarian, kosher and also good for the normal people. I actually think I've got a plan, since according to my research salmon is parve so he can eat that and dairy at the same meal. So that frees me to make creamed spinach instead of the garlicky sauteed spinach I was going to do. Or if nothing else, that means I can use dairy in the dessert and he can have a nice coffee after. Mushrooms stuffed with pine nuts for the veggies, scallops wrapped in bacon for the non-kosher non-veggies, maybe some kind of cauliflower "rice" or, hm, maybe the creamy cauliflower soup I made last night. But I need one more thing on the plate with the salmon and spinach, I think. I guess I'll go down the hill to the market and see if anything suggests itself. I'd love a rice pilaf or orzo type thing, but oh well. Hm. I'm thinking some kind of sauteed julienned yellow squash, maybe.

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