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 Sunday, November 7

So the world of academia gains one and loses one. J successfully defended her dissertation this week: congratulations, and B becomes a TIAA/CREF pensioner: happy birthday. I like the balance of that.

I slept badly on one shoulder, and spending today pulling azaleas and dismembering them to put on the condo compost pile, which I dug up and spread on the future condo vegetable garden, was probably a bad idea. It was supposed to be a day of rest. Ah well, I promise myself I won't do kickabutt on Tuesday. In any case, now I've spent this whole Sunday picking up sticks, which, as we know, is an abomination, and according to Leviticus, my punishment is to get stoned. Hey, this abomination thing ain't so bad after all! I don't know what those red states are so het up about.

5:28 PM

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