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 Tuesday, November 30

Okay, things are turning around a little bit. I've been kind of sad and discouraged with the karate thing, between the whole Challenge of Champions bummer and coming up short on my belt test. It seems lately that I'd just get worse with every class somehow, like stuff I did before with nothing but guts was better than it is now when I can see all the flaws in my technique. I've also been eating too much and seeing icky numbers between my toes first thing in the morning lately. But I'm making it all better. I'm back on track foodwise and have a new resolve in kickabutt classes. Now that the disappointment has passed, I realize the pressure is off and I can just have fun with grappling again. I still need to focus better in the core classes, but I can work on that. And if you reload this page you will see a shiny new gif on the right over there...let that represent my new-found upswing.
9:46 PM

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