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 Thursday, October 28

Worst class ever. I was at the dojo this afternoon/evening, had my uniform on and everything, so I decided to go to kickboxing class. Mistake! It was all feints, i.e. start throwing one kick and do something different at the last minute. Crazy hard and I was left in the dust. By the time he got to the "pretend to throw a low round kick and turn it into a spinning jump kick to the stomach" I was pretty much done with the whole concept. I've decided it's algebra: a bunch of overcomplicated crap that I am never going to use in real life and all it's ever going to do is make me feel stupid but I have to get through it anyway if I ever want to graduate. Hate.

Happily, that was followed by an especially grueling core class. I'd intended to stay after and grapple, but I was like a wrung-out sponge by the end of that killer class so I limped my noodly legs to the light rail and got the hell home.

I have to be back there crack o'dawn tomorrow to a) call the other 3/4 of the school and remind them about wood breaking next week, b) decorate for the kiddy halloween party and c) figure out how to break my leg or something to get out of actually helping out at said party. They're good kids, for the most part, but candy changes everything. Please vote Kerry.

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