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 Saturday, October 23

So I made some yogurt and a batch of double chocolate walnut flax muffins, which came out remarkably delicious. I ate two before I realized I'd forgotten to put the flaxmeal in them. It's been that kind of a day.

Vancouver was great, incidentally, no surprise there. The show was fine, one big fuckup on my part but we recovered okay. Other than that, lots of walking, lots of eating, and exploring a few neighborhoods we hadn't gone to the last time. We also took the little water taxi to Granville Island, where there's a lovely market with oodles of yummy food including a candy shop with some doggone delicious sugarfree options and a cheese and sausage stand I would like to live in for a while. We didn't have nearly enough time. Sitting in the Chicago airport on the way home, TSA and cops everywhere, CNN blaring depressing polls, people yap yap yapping on cell phones ring ring ringing, man, I just wanted to turn around and go back. Still might, if the election goes the way I fear it will. Dubya as a lame duck? God help us all. I hope Americans are smarter than that, but the intelligence of Americans is a hell of a thing to bet on.

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