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 Sunday, October 10

Sensei, like Kerry, won by decision. That's fine, but I wish there'd been a real blowout in either case. Boot to the head, naaah naah!

Had some brief company this afternoon, which worked out well. We had half an hour to whip the house back into shape, and fortunately that's all we really needed since we'd had people over the other night and the squalor hadn't really had a chance to get a toehold in the meantime. I would like to think we'll be smart and maintain it with five minutes a day of simple puttering, but I know better.

I just wish I'd thought in advance to make Toad Sauce. I was going to make it when I thought people were coming over for dinner last night but when the plans changed I dropped it. Next time for sure. I did make a batch of vanilla ice cream mix to turn tomorrow. I used our homemade vanilla extract and scraped out some real vanilla beans. It should be hella vanilla. Man, we live large. I'm truly thankful.

8:30 PM

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