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 Thursday, September 9

So! Portland is looking up. Finding Air America and turning off the hot and cold running grunge that was coming out of the radio was a nice step. Getting the window to open was another. The bed's comfortable with a foofy down comforter so we slept well, also a good thing. I got up stupid early this morning and, unbelievably, went to the hotel gym for an hour, then cleaned up and headed down to the pricey hotel restaurant for an it-better-be-comped breakfast with the intensely-coiffed businesspeople. They dress better for breakfast than I do for job interviews. Anyway, a salmon omelette and coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee and I'm wired and good and ready for the production meeting in half an hour. We met the new lighting designer for the first time; she arrived in the middle of the night last night and is gonna have to really hit the ground running to get this show lit tomorrow. Should be interesting. After the production meeting we go to the venue to check it out and then we're free to explore for a while before we get back here to do some final setup stuff so it's all ready for load-in tomorrow.
10:03 AM

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