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 Tuesday, September 7

It's just been one thing after another around here today. Nothing mechanical is cooperating. We tried to go to the new light rail station, which had their grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning, but the elevator up the hill (i.e. the whole point of the stupid structure) isn't working yet, so we were SOL. B got a call on his cell phone from friend J, saying she's been trying to call all day and couldn't get through. The phone had been doing a thing where it'd blurt out one short ring but when you got to it there was nobody there. I spent most of the day trying to get the heads unclogged on my printer so I can get going on the new DG pins and have some to sell in Portland. It took me all day and 30 or 40 dollars' worth of ink to get the fucking thing back to normal. Now I'm trying to print these record company logos and Illustrator gives me this amazingly-useful error message:

I'm hoping the new toy B just brought home will be the beginning of a new trend, that of things working. It's not the ideal equipment, sadly we're so bleeding-edge that the piece we need has been announced but not yet released. This thing is a cool little toy, though, and should solve some of the problems we've had with the music setup.

Lemme see. There was something else, but I can't remember what it is. In any case, one dumb problem after another today. I really don't have time to go to karate class tonight, but there is no way I'm missing it. I'd rather stay up all night making buttons and sleep on the plane than miss kicking some butt, especially since the dojo was closed for the long holiday weekend.

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