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 Wednesday, September 29

Good news: Radio Free Foomart is back and narrowcasting. I'd forgotten to punch the appropriate hole in the new firewall when we changed routers, but we fixed it today. Sorry 'bout that. I've borrowed some good new music from my friends on the Internet in the meantime, so tune in, and add radiofreefoomart to your buddy list so you can see what's on, and make requests, which I'll grant if at all possible.

Enough advertising, gotta eat dinner, make ice cream (invented a new flavor last night: Chunky Junkie! It's superchocolate ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate and crumbled "Heroin Bars", a link to which I can not find, but I'll post the recipe on the other side) and bang out a bunch of buttons for KPSU, Portland's college radio. Does anybody want a bumper sticker? They sent me dozens, and I really don't need all that many. I guess I'll throw them in with the buttons I make for the Portland bands; that oughta be good for a headscratch or two.

9:29 PM

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