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 Tuesday, September 14

Back and running already. Today's devoted to filling the huge pile of button orders that came in over the last week, of course, so I'm all coffeed up and ready to roll. Among the other emails left after I culled the thousands of spams which made it past the lame filters was a note from eBay alerting me that one of my saved search items was available, that rowing machine I've been wanting for a while now. This one was in New York and the seller offered free shipping within 50 miles, had a reasonable Buy It Now price, and took PayPal. Match made in heaven, baby. I bought it last night and the guy just delivered it, so here it is in my house less than twelve hours later. I adore the Internet.

I've got to go across the way and get the case of Davinci syrups which came in while we were out. They discontinued my favorite flavor so I bought several bottles from the one place who still had some.

I'm not ready to go into it now, I'm muddily processing the mental silt it stirred up, but so as not to leave you hanging: the long-awaited reunion went really well, I think. Life's turned out pretty well for both of us.

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