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 Saturday, September 18

Ach, I'm peeved. I'd intended to spend my morning coffee energy getting a real jump on the button thing, but as he was leaving, B casually mentioned that his dad might be stopping by today. Do I look like Samantha Stevens up in this motherfucker? The nose thing didn't work, so I used my hands and cleaned the whole second floor, including the bombed-out kitchen. Then I reorganized my office and switched out the wonky old router for a wireless one. Not that his dad's going to notice our AirPort strength or anything, that part was strictly for my own pleasure. Next purchase will be one of those AirPort thingies that hooks into the living room stereo so we can properly amplify Radio Free Foomart.

A little more straightening up and then I can get to the sweatshop after all. It's none too sweaty today, though; I have to finally admit fall is really here. Crap.

3:33 PM

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