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 Monday, August 16

I did the mighty triple classes, and I feel great. I probably could have done the fourth class after it all, but decided to take it easy, what with it being Monday. I like kickboxing, I think. It's a lot more entertaining to kick at somebody's head when you're actually doing it than in core classes where you're so far away it's tough to imagine any contact. Boy, all that protective gear, though, you want to talk about sweat? Narsty. I commandeered a locker to stash my stuff until I get a proper gym bag for the next few days, but will certainly bring it home over the weekend to hose it all off.

I have one more class left in my attendance requirement for the blue belt. In theory, I could get it tomorrow after my first class, kickboxing. In practice, I bet it won't happen so quickly. There's probably some dumb other requirement I don't know about. We'll see. There's supposed to be a six-week period in which you take the 18 classes; if I get it tomorrow I will have done it in 11 days. How ya like me now.

Ok, I'm off to work on DG stuff since I have to work at Tiger tomorrow morning. I hope this means I will start earning classes soon; I've only got 16 left and if I keep taking 3 a day they're gonna go quick. I've also come up with a whole new concept for this logo design I've been kicking around my brain, and want to get that down on pixels asap—but I don't know when that will be. I'll try to get up really early tomorrow and get some stuff done before I go. I'm not even thinking about the button business or the bills right now. Oy. So much to do, and yet I accomplished jack shit today. How's that possible?

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