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 Friday, August 13

Grappling is getting more and more fun. I still get stuck a lot, but there are a bunch of women doing it these days and it's just a blast. We get chided for laughing, but we're working hard the whole time so they can't get too mad. There's another woman who's as addicted as I am and also there every night. She's 6'4 and strong as hell. She's also a fucking riot. When I can get out of her mounts consistently I'll know I'm really getting somewhere. Size isn't supposed to be such a huge factor versus technique, anyway. There's a much smaller woman who kicks my ass whenever we're paired up, so I know there's something to the whole technique argument. She's on the verge of her black belt, though, so I don't feel too bad about that. And it's extra sweet when I do score points on her.

I believe I have six classes to go before I'm eligible for the blue belt, but I've been such a spaz in class this week that I imagine I'll have to do some remedial work before I earn it. Soon, though. I've also ordered shin guards and the stupid booties for kickboxing. I actually got a call from Tigear when my card was declined; I spent so much on the music equipment for DG that my credit card company froze my account, fearing fraud. A quick phone call straightened that out, and my gear is on its way. I hope the reimbursement check from the record company gets here stat, though. I really don't like having my card all full like that.

In any case, assuming the bruise on my shin has lightened up by then, I'll be kickboxing for real starting next week sometime. Double classes are for wimps! Triple, and maybe even the thoroughly-insane quadruple classes are the way of the future. I hope I can get this job thing working soon; I've only got 21 classes left in my current package and I think the minimum I can reup for is like 250 classes. Cha-ching. Guess it's a good thing that I got outbid on that fancy schmancy rowing machine I wanted.

I don't want to drag that money thing out again; I'm just going to pay up and shut up this time around, since complaining about it only makes me crazy and I don't need it. I've been making some money on the anti-Bush pins, and that's earmarked for fitness, so there.

Enough rambling, gotta go pass out and let my body rebuild itself. I think I'm taking tomorrow off to finally rest my stupid hamstring, or at least I'm saying that now. It won't surprise me at all if I find myself there tomorrow anyway, and at the double on Saturday. Good thing they're closed on Sundays.

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