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 Tuesday, January 13

Whenever I start to write a "no news is good news, I haven't written because I'm just TCB around the house, reading and playing quietly by myself" post, something happens. This time, it was me coming to the head-smacking realization that I no longer have any record of the sales I made for the middle two quarters last year. I paid my state sales taxes and all, but I need to get all those figures together for the regular tax accountant to file. We can't really afford her but kind of have to use her anyway this year. I'm hoping we can get her to tie up some loose ends and make it a little less complex so I can just do them next year. She tends to weave the different years together in a complicated way that I don't have the patience or the software to sort out. I miss the days when I could just file my little 1040 EZ and be done with it.

Now I get to spend a cozy evening going through half a years' worth of PayPal emails one by one and recreating my figures. Man, what a pain in the ass. And of course this timespan includes my busiest quarter to date. grumble.

7:18 PM

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