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 Thursday, January 8

So today I go with pals A and J to Fairfield, NJ, wherever that is, to tie up a 12-year-old legal loose end that's been causing them grief lately. The plan is to go to the court appointment, pay whatever fines the county comes up with, get a piece of paper stating their absolute free and clearness, deal with the DMV, and then get B and do a massive run to the Foodmart International in North Bergen to celebrate. I intend to stock up on hard-to-find ethnic sundries until my credit card melts a little. We haven't been to a Foomart since our local one was still around, and since A and J were staying out of the Garden State on advice of their attorney, and our other friends with wheels aren't as interested in roaming the aisles and buying dusty cans of god-knows-what to try, we still haven't been to the one in North Bergen. So today should be a frabjous day, assuming all goes well and they're properly emancipated.

I'm going along for moral support, and have loaded up the Pod in anticipation of a long wait in some hallway. Somehow I expect it to be like jury duty. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have all that much life experience in courthouses.

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