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 Thursday, January 15

Not my finest day. Sat around like a lump. I'm getting shackwacky but it's too goddamn cold to go outside. I don't even want to take a shower until springtime. It's too cold and too gray and I just don't want to add wet hair to the equation. I ate too goddamn much at dinner, and various muscle strains around my body are making me cranky because I can't exercise. And my scalp hurts. It feels like I've had a tight ponytail in all day or a hat on or something, but I haven't.

I made a couple of important phone calls today, dumped the dishwasher, scooped the cat box, and that's pretty much the sum total of my day. Pathetic. I'd like a recount on this winter thing; I don't know anybody who voted for it and I smell a rat.

I'm going to bed. I'm sure you'll agree it's the best plan.

11:59 PM

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