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 Tuesday, January 20

My Boyfriend in Brown dropped off a big box for me today, and upon examining the contents I can heartily recommend Campmor as a source for all sorts of cozy gear. I got some longjohns—they're not all cotton but they're mostly cotton and wool, so I get my natural fibers ya-yas out after all. I know it's not the optimal fabric for outdoor wear, I'm aware of "wicking", and I don't care. I like cotton.

I also got several pairs of lightweight Russell Athletic sweatpants—they're made of what's pretty much T-shirt fabric and are just perfect for yoga. And they were six bucks a pair. I feel like I should get a couple more pairs, even though I have enough, just because they're such a good value. Hm.

I also got a nylon belt with a non-metal buckle for use while traveling through assholish airports, a neck gaiter/head warmer thingy and some assorted stuff for B. Everything is suspiciously inexpensive but I can vouch for their quality. If you need any of this stuff, or especially if you need camping gear, they're the spot.

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