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 Thursday, January 22

Kentucky...Pennsylvania...Kentucky...Pennsylvania...I can't decide where to go this weekend. I've never been to Kentucky, and it would be a fun road trip with brother D and uncle F, I bet. But there's a play in Pennsy that I swore I'd go see, and a party which is a legendary annual event. On the other hand, I'm not drinking so the party is a little less of a draw. I feel bad about missing the play, but I have to admit I am leaning toward Kentucky. Life's about experiences.

Getting the guest room set up for A and J who are legal in NJ now and will be spending the night. I'm going to look up a nice vegan pumpkin pie recipe to make for tonight. I know they're out there; we made one several Thanksgivings ago and it was tough to tell which one it was, really. We've still got their big tub of Cool Whip in the freezer, and ample whipping cream, so we'll all be able to hook up our slices to our individual dietary wierdnesses. Mmm...pie.

The espresso machine is broken. It seems it's a busted thermostat which is supposed to have a protective popout switch on it, but ours just burned out without tripping in a resettable way. I've got a new one on order, and I hope it'll get here tomorrow, since the company isn't too far away. They're located in Jersey, down the shore. It's a good thing A and J don't drink coffee; our other coffee-fiend friends would be heartbroken to have a morning without one of B's Crack-a-ccinos.

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