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 Tuesday, January 20

I've been thinking about the caucuses again. I think Dean just might have fucked it up. He was too scary in that speech. Off the hook is great if you're warming up a comedy audience or something, but I sure wouldn't call it "presidential". I assumed he was my fallback guy if Clark didn't get in, but now I'm not sure. He kind of gave me the creeps, a far cry from the hottie in the old picture that's going around:

I just read that Edwards is 50 years old. As someone who still gets proofed for booze at the age of 36, I just gained a bunch of sympathy for the guy. Not that it would matter in terms of the election, but as a human I know how annoying it can be to be perceived as younger than you are.

I'm looking forward to seeing Clark in there with these guys. I hope he's paying attention.

2:08 PM

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