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 Tuesday, January 6

I'm watching the stamp-sized Steve Jobs keynote now, along with some 60,000 other people. I don't know about that goatee. My breath is bated for new huge displays, but all rumor sites suggest I'll be disappointed on that front. I'm curious about the new mini-iPods, too. It'll be interesting to see how they make them cheap enough to be mass market items.

Enough already with the software introductions! They're all just new versions of existing products. BORING! Office 2004, who cares... good grief, what a bloated sack of garbage it is. Fuck Microsoft, now and forever.
* * *
Okay, keynote's over now.. He sold me on the new iLife, but I think they aren't going to rake it in like he thinks on the new little iPods. They are cute as buttons but the price point is way too high. Make it 99 bucks and people will buy 3 of them, but for 250 I don't think they're going to sell. Why buy 4 gigs when you can get 15 for just a little more money? The teeny form factor is cool, though, the size of a business card. That's impressive, and should go over well with the people who like really small cell phones. I hope they drop the prices sooner rather than later.

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