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 Saturday, January 17

The Ball is still as fun as ever. B and I kept it going for like 20 minutes this morning, passing it back and forth and at some point reaching a new high score and breaking the 5-digit mark. Our friend G came over last night and was instantly hooked. He's got one coming from ThinkGeek already. The forearms in this neighborhood are gonna be all kinds of Popeyelike in a couple of weeks. G came up with a different technique and it's much easier for me to do with my left hand. I'm still a spaz but at least now I can keep it going for a while and get a little exercise on that side. I was heading toward tennis-player territory with one great big arm and one sad useless little Tyrannosaurus arm.

Boys are instantly much better at this thing than I am. The reason is obvious if you try it—it uses the same repetitive wrist motion that they've perfected after a lifetime of wanking.

1:08 PM

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