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 Saturday, January 10

B got back from a day of plastering at his dad's house and set right to ripping out sheetrock, thawing the pipes with a hair dryer, and attaching pipe warming thingies to the exposed pipes. My role was pretty much to stand in the kitchen and bang on the floor to let him know the water had started flowing, which I did to the best of my ability. At least now I know where the pipes run in case anything like this happens again. So now that the water's liquid again it looks like the pipes are all intact, which is a relief; that's one cramped and cold spot to have to do plumbing repairs in, and I kinda think the poor guy's earned the rest of the night off at this point.

My Big Lazy CDs arrived today, and I note with interest that Charlie Giordano, the accordionist from the State College trip, played keyboards on two of their albums. Onto the Pod they go!

Speaking of the Pod, the new in-ear headphones are far more comfortable than the original earbuds. I must have very small ear holes or something, because earbuds tend to feel like I'm trying to jam a nickel into my ear sideways. They're never quite right, and they're always quite uncomfortable, and I'm thrilled to have a comfy option in swanky iPod white. The Sennheiser noise-cancelling phones are fantastic, and indispensable for air travel, but have a baton-like battery pack that's a tad inconvenient for just popping into a pocket for a quick jaunt. I think I've fulfilled my earphone needs for the rest of my life.

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