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 Sunday, December 28

So I'm looking into the other projects featuring the lovely and talented people from Firewater. One of them is called Gogol Bordello and looks to be right up my alley. (Their CDs are on my Tall Woman wish list now, but will probably disappear very soon as I buy them.) I poked around the site and am especially enjoying their
"Gogol Tour Bus Music Collection". Mostly I'm chuffed because I already have almost all of the gypsy stuff on the list, as you no doubt know if you've listened to Radio Free Foomart for any length of time. The names I don't have become a valuable shopping list. I'm borrowing some of it from my friends on the Internet right now, and will pick up the rest by any means necessary...I think I'll make a list and carry it on my Pod. I did the same thing a few years ago, carrying a Palm full of the names of music I'd heard on the late lamented GoGaGa internet radio, and wound up locating pretty much all of it over the years. I do need to have a list, though; walking into a record store sucks my brain out of my head and causes me to wander blindly and either leave in an emptyhanded panic or spend 300 bucks on a stack of CDs, depending on whether I'd been drinking before entering the store. Drinking and shopping: perfect together. It makes you take a chance and put stuff in the "yes" pile that you might not otherwise, and has been the cause of me getting some of my favorite music ever.

I'm getting sick. I thought a few cups of Uña de Gato and a long nap would hook me up, but the symptoms are getting pretty undeniable. At least I put gak in my hair before my nap, so, even though I don't feel marvelous, I look marvelous and smell of exotic herbs and spices.

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