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 Saturday, December 20

No news is good news, right? Didn't do much today other than read about energy and dick around with iTunes, neither of which makes for much of a blog post.

I did get a stupid thing called Sofa which jogs over to Amazon to find all the cover art I'm missing and dump it into my iTunes database. Stupid eye candy, but it's kind of nice to have some visual identity for music that's just been digital to me for so long. It's also nice to get a feel for albums when I got all the songs piecemeal and never associated them properly.

Of course, now, that's all meaningless. CDs started it, the ability to instantly skip tracks and shuffle them with a button press. And with the advent of purely digital music, not to mention the universe of p2p, man, it's all different now. You never have to listen to the shitty filler songs again. The idea of sitting down and listening to an album of songs, in order, is getting to be as archaic as having to get up and flip it midway. The people being born these days, if they ever excavate an actual vinyl album, are going to be shocked at what we put up with. What will they make of a double album, especially one where sides 1 and 4 are on one disc and 2 and 3 are on the other? They're never gonna figure that one out! They're also not going to be able to identify the seeds in the crease of that double album. LPs, cleaning pot, none of that really exists anymore. It's kind of a shame. I have fond memories of getting a bunch of weed with friends and giving out specific albums for them to clean on, knowing that when someone just got their quarter ounce or whatever, they weren't going to sweat the crumbs in the crease too much. Then, later, when I ran out, I'd be able to go back to those albums and maybe cobble together a hit or two out of what was left in the spines before I was down to pathetically scraping the resin out of the bowl. Good times!

I wish pot were legal here. It'd be so nice to be able to enjoy getting baked again. I so rarely do these days.

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