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 Saturday, December 27

Hokay. You may have noticed a handy new line of informative text above this. If not, hit reload. I've set it to refresh itself every 30 seconds, but if the track listing doesn't match what's playing, and you can't wait that long, just reload the page and the proper listing should pop up. As always, let me know if anything weird happens.
* * *
If you're not seeing a handy new line of informative text, and you've reloaded the page, you may have the wrong thing bookmarked. If you've linked straight to the blog instead of to foomart, you won't get the goodies unless you link to foomart directly. That's foomart. F-O-O-M-A-R-T. Thank you. Thankyouvurmuch.
5:57 PM

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