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 Tuesday, December 30

Better enough today to get that order out and schlep it to the PO. It's going to Sweden, so even though I have the customs forms here, and could just fill them out and drop the stupid thing in the mailbox, it has to be taken there personally. I guess for security purposes they have to smell me or something. I'm still contagious enough that I think I'll have the last laugh on that one.

The walk over was notable in terms of the garbage that's out for collection: can after can brimming with the brightly-colored detritus of the future bargeload of plastic shit that was under the neighborhood's disposable dead trees last Thursday. It's just too depressing. Between that and the ridiculous plastic shit that people feel compelled to put all over their houses, lest we forget for even a fucking INSTANT what season it is, man, we're fucking this planet up as fast as we can. One of these days the Earth is going to brush us off like the itchy dandruff flakes we are, and I'm all for that, but it's going to be a while before the remaining cockroaches and animals stop choking on this inedible, indestructible rubbish we've left behind.

2:23 PM

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