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 Thursday, December 11

B and I just spent pretty much the whole damn day organizing the closets in the bedroom. Our feng is shui-ing. We didn't manage to cull any t-shirts, of course, but we picked 40 or 50 of them to put into current rotation and all the rest are neatly stacked in boxes under the bed, along with the "work clothes" I don't have any use for these days. The plan is to rotate different T-shirts in every once in a while, and someday to cut the sentimental-but-threadbare-or-tiny ones up into squares for a quilt. It's remarkable how many you end up with after collecting them for 20-some-odd years. We ended up with a big bag of stuff for Goodwill and a bigger bag for the garbage, and some nice new extra space. And a wheezing cough, but that'll pass. It was a satisfying way to spend a rainy day.
5:30 PM

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