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 Saturday, October 4

Joy! I got a new cell phone, one that has a camera that's not smashed in and a whole bunch of buttons that register, once, when you push them. It's a paradigm shift. I have an IM handle just for the phone; if you know me well enough to text me, just holler and I'll give you the name to add to your buddy list. I've finally got an unlimited text plan so I can be like the cool kids with their prehensile thumbs.

And at last, I can update my moblog again! And I don't have to whine like an overfull puppy every time I pass a little tree on the sidewalk anymore. Yay!

In other news, Ukes for Obama is bubbling away under the surface with a few new toons to debut soon. Agent 99 has a gig coming up which should be a blast; the other bands are hella fun.
5:14 PM

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