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 Friday, August 22

Wow, this program has been running for over 24 hours now, working on the C's, and it's not close to finished. I'm a little concerned that it is making changes without asking; all I can see is the first page and I'm not sure about some of these Cab Calloway album titles. I guess it's not that big of a deal, I haven't thought about songs in terms of albums in ages, but it's disconcerting that it would change things without confirmation. I believe there is a semiautomatic setting I could have chosen that will make the program ask me first before making the changes it wants to make, and I'll do that from here on out; I hope it hasn't screwed up anything too badly from A to C.

I do feel better about the disarray of my library. If it's taking the computer this long to do it, I wasn't wrong about the size of the job.
12:29 AM

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