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 Sunday, June 22

Happy June 22 to you.

I got the studio set back up in my office and recorded a casual track for a pro-Obama project. YouTube to follow soon, I promise. My sloppy part will be redone or buried in the mix, I also promise. Enthusiastic as one might be, it's tough to follow someone who's actually good.

We saw Gogol Bordello the other night in an empty pool in Brooklyn. Much different vibe from the last time in tiny Maxwell's, but still great. Lots and lots of young people there, which gives me hope. My calves and obliques are still tight from jumping up and down and punching the sky for hours; I just don't do that anymore since I stopped going to soccer games.

Gotta do a website. Once the muse hits it'll go fast but I wish there were some way to force that to happen on schedule. One of these mornings the coffee will hit me at just the right angle...I hope that is soon.

B's found a nice place for his dad. They don't have any full-time openings right now but he's been going to Old People's Day Camp for the last couple days and seems to be comfortable there. I hope a room becomes available soon. Course that's wishing a lot of sadness on someone else, but so it goes, I guess.
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