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 Sunday, November 4

I've started popping up on YouTube. For the most part I have my cloak of invisibility on, but there are a couple frames of me out there.

For one, there's the Willie Nelson thing. I mentioned it before, it's this song he and his daughter wrote and they invited people to submit their versions of it. There's still only one uke band version up there, the Strum Bums version, but, if the hippies ever get around to updating the page, someday our version will be there too. I'm way in the back near the red-haired woman, perpetually eclipsed by a tall guy.

I posted before about the Ukulele Cabaret but now the clip is up at Midnight Ukulele Disco. Clearly nothing to write home about—so I blog—I went after practice (as a spectator, not a performer, hence the lack of costume) and when Andru Cann ordered everyone who had a uke to step onstage I complied. Incidentally, the guy dressed as a cardinal is the tall guy from the Peaceful Solution video.

Very soon there will be two or three more things on YouTube with my li'l face more prominently featured...I'll post the links here if I dare.

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