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 Friday, June 8

Well it turns out I am not as fired as I thought I was. I'll still be working there a few hours a week in exchange for a bottomless mug o' classes. We're still scrambling to make doctor appointments while I have insurance, but with a little luck we'll get all our medical stuff taken care of in the next month or so. The paychecks will stop too, of course, but they were kind of insignificant anyway; I had them overdeduct like crazy so I wouldn't have to pay quarterlies. It was fun while it lasted.

In other news, there are a bunch of swarthy shirtless men outside the kitchen installing the new balconies. They are mounting the top shelf/railing on the outside this time so we gain a few square feet of space out there. They'll also be stained the same color as the siding, and I'm going to stain some wood flower boxes to match, so that should look pretty sharp. The new outdoor lighting and matching mailboxes are all getting installed tomorrow too. This place is finally starting to look like it's worth something.

Just in time; the douchebags have really sold and they move out tomorrow! Happy happy joy joy! We'll meet the new people on Tuesday. Hope they're not assholes.
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