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 Saturday, June 30

In the city last night watching B pack for his weekend up on the Cape. "Say," I said, "what are all these little blood specks on the pillow?" If your skin just started crawling, you know the answer: bedbugs. So we slept upstairs on the couches and started throwing away bedding. He and E left crack o' dawn and I cooked some laundry at high temperatures and fled home to take a shower not unlike the one in The Andromeda Strain.

I did make one quick stop to pick up a trapezoidal package that had been delivered to the school yesterday. Yep, straight from itchy old bedbugs to a shiny new jumping flea. It's adorable. It looks like a tiny little Les Paul. It's been a long long time since I played a stringed instrument, as my angry red fingertips will attest. But they don't get easier than this. I was strumming recognizable versions of songs within minutes of cutting the packing tape. It's electric, too, sorta, which lends itself to all kinds of yummy possibilities. I love my new little axe! Hm, I guess it's not really an axe. More like a hatchet.
10:32 PM

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