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 Saturday, April 28

I decided I haven't been having enough fun lately, so I resolved to do something fun today after karate. A bunch of happy people in Hawaiian shirts, noodling on ukuleles was just what the doctor ordered. Fonely I'd bid higher on that great shirt with the sheet music to "My Little Grass Shack" on it on eBay all those years ago. I would have been the hit of the place. (At least until they realized the only song I can play is "My Dog Has Fleas.") There were some really interesting instruments there. I was amazed by the range of types and the amount of effort that goes into making what I always thought of as a very silly instrument. There were gorgeous high-end abalone-inlaid models for thousands of dollars, cigar box models for less and also for more, cute colorful ones, antiques, painted and carved models, a crazy bass ukulele with fat rubber tubing strings and a big free bowl of homemade plectra cut out of old credit cards. Clever!

11:57 PM

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