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 Tuesday, January 23

So having agonized with my colleague and wishy washing between option A and option B for like MONTHS now, the big boss finally caught me and forced me to have the meeting I'd been weaseling out of every day, wherein she offered option C, aka the best of all possible worlds. Had any of us affected folks known it was on the table, this would have been over with before the holidays. So in any case it looks like I kinda sorta have a job now, part time but with benefits. Same as what I'm doing now only more so.

Some time soon I expect to hear that I also have a niece or nephew. J's water broke Monday morning, and I don't think babies like to be rattling around in there all dry like the yolk in an old hard boiled egg.
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on edit: it's a girl! Welcome, Lila!

9:41 PM

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