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 Friday, January 26

I went back to the Zeckendorf Towers for what I hope will be the last time today. As expected, the TB test results analysis consisted of me showing my arm to the nurse (Martha, one of the good three, and I told her so) for one second. Getting the process started for my records took longer, a couple trips from floor to floor and a bit of form filling out, but according to the man in the records office I should have them in 10 to 15 working days. I'll wait 20 and then go back there.

I figured out a workaround for an issue I was having with a website I'm designing, and it wasn't nearly as bloated or inelegant as I had feared it'd be, so two days of frustration turned into an hour of work and now satisfaction. I believe the client will be thrilled; I hope she will.

Early bed tonight; B is getting up at dark:30 tomorrow and I shouldn't lollygag too much myself. Got two classes to take and then I get to show off my cute new web thing to the client at my favorite local spot, the one with the killer java and strong WiFi.

Today's Chi-Ching: Maryland and Ohio: Manly deeds, womanly words; with God all things are possible.

10:45 PM

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