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 Friday, December 8

Wow. I'm about ready to get an Apple tattoo. After the recent utterly pain-free major upgrades of my and my brother's computers, and the current disgustingly easy (other than one minor jumper issue—why have Cable Select if you're not going to recognize it?) migration of all my shit onto this new laptop, live, squirming applications and all, my brand loyalty is at an all time high. I'd buy more stock if it weren't also so high! I guess the Apple love is flowing all over Wall Street. Glad I believed in them back when it was $14 a share. Hee.

I got my new custom rubber stamps for Georging today, and am one happy little geek over here. If you ever need any kind of rubber stamp for any reason, I recommend you run, don't walk, to Stamp Connection. They are awesome. I've had, um, several stamps made by them and they are careful, smart, cheap, and FAST.

Another satisfied customer.

3:47 PM

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