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 Thursday, November 2

Yeah, yeah. What can I say, nothing that interesting has been going on. Today I made a bunch of pins for a famous "American rock and musical theater composer", so that's a nice li'l brush with fame. I got approved for health insurance, yay me, and I even think I know which plan I am going to pick. Despite the doctor's begging, I've started working out again, because I'm as fat as a house and weak as a kitten, and a flabby furry kitten house ain't no good to nobody.

Much more fun than the me project is the house project. We spent the morning and afternoon clearing out the garage in anticipation of the new boiler and the underfloor heating for the kitchen above. The sheetrock is still up there for now, but it's all going to start happening really soon now. I sure hope all the parts are in those boxes. Spose we could have looked when they came in, a year and a half ago.

We took the flying faith leap of getting rid of all the computer, stereo, and audio equipment boxes and all their custom styrofoam inserts. Nothing is still under warranty, and by the time we move any of it again there will be some kind of padding technology and we will use that. Bad feng shui to have all those empty boxes storing stagnant energy at the base of your house, they say. Good feng shui to knock it down, tie it up, and kick it to the curb, I say.

Besides the empty boxes, we let some other stuff go, stuff that will be worth something to someone, just not us. The local Freecycle list is aflutter. All the stuff I offered went pretty fast, mostly because the list is usually all "WANTED: Patek Philippe Star Caliber 2000R ROSE GOLD ONLY!" and "OFFER: Two wire coat hangers. One has been unbent and is in two pieces but should be easy to repair." Actually offering something with any value at all makes people so freakin' happy. Especially free. I can't be bothered to deal with eBay for this sort of thing. I'm just happy to get rid of stuff. So many things just get moved from box to box and house to house before one clear day you finally SEE the thing and you realize it's something you've never used, never known where to put, never liked, never will, every time you see it it stresses you a little bit, and it's taking up space in your life that could be occupied by something you love. And then you wonder why the hell you kept it all those years, and then you get rid of it, and you never think of it again.

B just called, on his way home. I think I'm gonna go bake a pie.

6:59 PM

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