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 Saturday, November 18

After some internal debate, I decided to keep going with the button thing, not to shut it down like I was going to, but finally to get it back running and really put some energy into it. I was back in coding mode after doing the site for the B&B, so I started redoing the button site. Within a few hours I got a huge order, a reorder of that whompin' in-the-black-for-another-year order from last month, and after that a few other smaller ones, one coming in within an hour of the launch of the new site.

Then I decided to get insurance to get this neck thing checked out for real. Went through a lot of trouble and expense and finally got hooked up with a plan that seems like it'll work, a bit more expensive than I'd like, but if I can get myself repaired quickly it'll be ok. And then, a couple days after I sent off the check, I got an offer to go full time at the karate school and get insurance there, probably for a lot less money than the one I just signed up for.

The moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for, the universe is listening.

10:24 PM

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