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 Tuesday, October 3

I got a whompin' big corporate order, the kind that pays for a year's worth of parts and enables general giving stuff away and fucking around on my part. I love them. I shanghaied a semi-willing elf and we knocked the whole job out in what added up to about one work day, all told. I ended up with enough dough to restock all my supplies, get a painting off an artist's kitchen wall and on its way to mine, plus some left over which will probably go to something unfun like quarterly taxes. Or probably to replace my old tee vee, which has been circling the drain for months and makes more and more ominous un-televisionlike noises every day.

I wouldn't mind just doing without the tube for a while, but then we'd be those people who don't have TVs and I hate those people.

11:19 PM

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