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 Monday, September 4

This weekend rocks, Ernesto notwithstanding, and I'm really trying to get something out of it. Tomorrow I have a couple of work-related activities to do, but I think I'll actually be able to do them now, after a couple days of relaxing—and cleaning. My office is no longer cluttered to the point of sending me into a spinning panic, and that tends to be a tad more conducive to T.C.B.

Feng to the motherfuckin' shui. I even put some plants in here, though honestly that has more to do with the lack of space in the solarium since my latest li'l episode than with stimulating chi. Now I just gotta remember not to sit in here in my skivvies or pick my nose or anything, since the blinds will be open.

Less interesting for the neighbors, but more fun for me, is this song. Not the one from a few days ago; that one has to age for a little while in my subconscious before I can do anything with it. This is one I started in Garage Band a while ago and liked enough to bring up to the big-kid toys. B uncluttered my original faux mix last night and added some nice little touches; tonight I was left to my own devices and re-junked it up with more hamfisted axe-grinding. I'll probably retreat back to subtle in the morning, but for now I'm enjoying it.

Oh, yeah, and love. Love love love. It's a beautiful word, isn't it?

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